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What happens when lifelong leather craftsmen can't find the handbags, duffels, briefcases, and wallets they would like to have? They design and make them on their own, of course! 


Meet KELLY-TOOKE. A Houston company that is proudly handcrafting buttery-soft leather bags designed for function and style and made with the highest quality materials meant to last for generations. Each KELLY-TOOKE handbag is unequaled in its natural beauty and tells a story of its own, infused with the rich history of American grown leather.


KELLY-TOOKE handbags are sold at all of the Houston Shoe Hospital locations. 


Steve Kelly, CEO of KELLY-TOOKE, brought the company to life from a lifelong passion for leather and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of each unique hide - the grain, the markings, and brands. 

Through hand selecting the highest quality, American-grown hides and fine-tuning the leather process and tanning techniques, a collection of unique one-of-a-kind handmade leather bags have been created.

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