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How to Repair High Heels and Flats When the Heels Have Worn

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

High heels and flats are beloved wardrobe staples, and each have plastic or rubber heel caps that will need to be repaired by a professional cobbler over time to ensure they have a long lifetime.

There are two different styles of heels on women’s shoes and boots – a high heel and a flat heel – and at the base of these heels are the heel caps that protect the structure and integrity of the heel.

Expert cobblers at Houston Shoe Hospital can repair both the thin-style high heels, such as a high-heeled stiletto, and the larger flat heels you might find on wedges, western boots, and slippers. Let’s start with the thin style of heel.

Replacing thin, high heel caps is actually the most common and simple shoe repair job cobblers complete. For some reason, it also happens to be the most unknown and misunderstood repair job. Why? Most women think their heels must be thrown away when the metal pin on the heel has been exposed, but this is simply not true! The metal pin is what keeps the plastic heel caps in place. When the heel cap is worn down (or off!), it just means it needs to be replaced pronto. Let us explain.

As the cap at the end of your heel is worn, it slowly exposes the metal pin. Ideally, you will go see a cobbler before the metal pin is showing, but if your catching glimpses of the shiny metal, or if you hear that horrible click of the pin as you walk, it’s no reason to ditch your favorite pumps. We can still repair the damage and replace the heel cap, getting those cute heels back in your life to enjoy.

Replacing the heels on a “flat” shoe is just a little different than on a high heel, as these do not use metal pins to hold them in place. Rubber heel caps are used to protect the base-end of the flat and preserve the heel base shape and integrity. When the heel cap is worn down (or completely off!), it needs to be replaced stat. A cobbler will remove the old, worn heel caps and install new, protective rubber heel caps to get you on your way. Bonus – they also happen to provide extra comfort, durability, and traction.

The take home message? DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR HEELS OR PUSH THEM TO THE BACK OF YOUR CLOSET! 99% of the time they can be repaired by our skilled cobblers.

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